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Can't authenticate with OAUTH for Twitter API

I am trying to authenticate with Twitter for a custom app using Drupal.

For some reason, even though I am including my OAuth credentials, I can't authenticate with the Twitter API.

Here's my code:

How to read, analyze and debug a Linux kernel panic?

[<001360ac>] (unwind_backtrace+0x0/0xf8) from [<00147b7c>] (warn_slowpath_common+0x50/0x60)
[<00147b7c>] (warn_slowpath_common+0x50/0x60) from [<00147c40>] (warn_slowpath_null+0x1c/0x24)
[<00147c40>] (warn_slowpath_null+0x1c/0x24) from [<0014de44>] (local_bh_enable_ip+0xa0/0xac)

Regex: Matching outer substring

I haven't been able to find an example of this.
Given a string that contains a substring, I want to select just the outer string.


c++ software in linux with multi-thread programming : overhead found at futex. solution for this?

I wrote a C++ software with the purpose is to readout data from a hardware module to PC via Gigabit-Ethernet PCIe card (which is mounted in the PC).

Calling method when switching to UITableViewController

I managed to programmatically switch to a UITableViewController. However, is there an initial method or something of that nature that I could run as soon as it switches over? I would like the code to run regardless of whether or not the table has data in it.

New to Swift, any help appreciated.


How to connect to AWS rds mysql through android application?

I have been working on Android-mysql database connection. Initially I was using godaddy server to store my php files. From the Android application I used to make a connection to php files which in turn queried the Mysql database.

Android keyboard next button issue on EditText

I am facing an issue i have username & password fields on activity, now when i click on username keyboard appears but no next button on it and i cannot move to next Edittext control through keyboard in this case, keyboard displays enter button in it as attached in screenshot which increases its height,

Scaning a string input keeps failing

I am trying to get an input string by using scanf() in a function, but it keeps failing and I don't know why.

Here is part of my code.